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Clothing Stores Portland – Choices In Fashion And Fit For Men

For some Portland men, their clothes are simply something to throw on at the beginning of every day. They pay little attention to what they look like and how well they are made. However more and more men these days though are finally beginning to equate the clothes they wear with career advancement, quality lifestyle, and of course appeal to members of the fairer sex.

For the gentleman who is concerned about the quality of the items in his closet, when it comes to clothing stores it may seem as though Portland would not have as much to offer as a bigger city like New York or LA might, but that is actually far from the case.

Portland has changed a great deal since the days of the Wild West and its’ official incorporation back in 1851. There are over 500,000 people who call the city home and they come from every walk of life and are certainly as sophisticated and fashion conscious as their bigger city cousins.

There are quite a few clothing stores in Portland whose focus is on what are generally referred to as “designer”suits. These are usually of a very high quality in terms of material but suited only for certain body types.If you look like the male model the designer intended to wear the suit that’s great.

But for many more men, even when wearing a designer suit they simply look badly put together and somewhat clueless about their own style. The men who fall into the designer trap far too easily choose clothing based on the name appeal of the label rather than the way it actually looks on them. They head out hitting the clothing stores in Portland searching for the “right” name rather than the style and look that actually complements their appearance and lifestyle.

Shopping for mens’ clothing in the Portland area can be a pleasure though. In one of the trendiest areas of the city, the Pearl District, you can find stores that carry some very high quality clothing but instead of pushing a label they focus on helping a man find clothing that really fits him and really enhances his image.

What is really exceptional though is just how well the staff at these stores treat their clients. Image consultants are on hand to offer friendly and non judgmental advice while being handed a complementary cocktail while browsing the racks is an everyday occurrence. shopping at such places is more like a visit to a mens club than a trip to the store.

These very special stores realize that in this day and age men still may not relish the idea of going shopping for clothes and seek to make the experience one they will relish rather than resent. Taking the time to head to the Pearl District and check out one of these fine establishments yourself is well worth the effort.

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