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Clothes That Mix Skulls, Skeletons and Soft Fabrics – Punk Princess Fashion Style

Who today doesn’t have in its cupboard a dozen of lousy tees with a company name printed on it? From College, Mom and Pop shop to top 500 company, advert tees have became such a norm that it has almost became an obligation for any company to give away tees with their brand printed on it to their customers. However, because it has became a decades old norm in a media saturated age, printed garment are losing their advertising power.A company based in New York with manufacturing facilities in China has found a radical new way to give a tremendous boost to printed ads on garments with electro-luminescent technology, distributing its light up shirts also called EL shirts to a wide range of industries.

Below are a few of the 51 styles currently available. Action: Beautiful layers and tapered ends make the Action wig perfect for anyone looking for a short, glamorous look. Available in close to 20 colors, the monofilament Raquel Welch hair is the ultimate in natural lightweight comfort. The hair is hand knotted, one by one, so that you can brush it in the direction of your choice for easy parting and styling versatility.

How does it work? Light up shirt, luminous shirts, glow-in-the-dark tees, electro shirt, EL shirts, Animated Shirts are an ordinary t-shirt enhanced with a graphic illuminating electroluminescent panel. While glow-in-the-dark apparel and apparel utilizing LED displays have long been popular novelty items, light-up t-shirts with electroluminescent displays are a fairly recent phenomenon. The unique characteristics of electroluminescent light-up technology make light-up t-shirts a versatile and unique alternative to traditional light-up methods. This article aims to discuss the science behind an electroluminescent display and maps the development of electroluminescent displays from their most basic form to use in today’s ‘light-up’ t-shirts. The process of creating a completed ‘light-up’ t-shirt will also be discussed.

Breeze: A classic Celebrity Signature Raquel Welch wig, the Breeze uses soft wispy layers to create a care-free style that can be tousled and styled easily using wig cream or mousse. The wig’s Memory Cap makes it easy and comfortable to create a sassy shake-and-go look.

Glamour: Glamour, part of Rachel’s Memory Cap collection, has long layers that afford maximum softness to this straight silhouette that falls to mid-back. Sporting tapered bangs, all-over layers and a hint of a flip on the ends, this cut features precision crafted tapering for natural movement.

Finally, try to plan your outfits in advance. This will give you time to choose the right handbag to wear for each occasion. Although this is simply an object that carries your personal possessions and perhaps even your cell phone, it can literally make or break the image you are trying to project out to everyone else if you do not make the right choice for you. I am sure that you know our goals

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