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Cigar Cutter Lighter Combinations

Cigar cutter lighters come in several varieties which should suit the needs of any cigar aficionado. Many cigar smokers have a preference for a particular type of cutter. While the debate rages on among smokers, the preference usually comes down to what gives the user the most desirable results. Lighters are available which have all of the most common types of lighters attached which makes for a very convenient tool. Better quality lighters generally have better quality cigar cutters.

Some cigar lighters come with guillotine-style cutters attached. These are among the most popular cigar cutters on the market. They are well-known for providing a clean cut and, the double-bladed models are oftentimes use by those who prefer thick cigars. Most of the cutters attached to lighters will be of the single-blade variety. These cutters are a bit safer than the double-bladed models. This makes them more suitable for being carried about in one’s pocket.

There are some lighters available which have attached to them scissors-type cigar cutters. In most cases, these fold out from the lighter and can be put back in place where they are safe from harm and from causing harm when not in use. These cutters are generally preferred for only the smaller gauges of cigars and some smokers maintain that they produce rather sloppy cuts. Again, this will largely be a question of user preference. The scissor-type cutters are obviously a bit more fragile than the guillotine type.

Cigar cutters attached to lighters can be cleaned and sharpened either by the user or by a technician. For the very expensive models, one may do better to bring the lighter in for servicing. Good quality tools require good quality care and technicians can ensure that everything is cleaned and sharpened up to standards. These devices need to be handled with care by the user, as well. Cigar cutters are very sharp and one needs to make certain that they always close and lock the device according to instructions provided by manufacturers. The blades are sharp enough to cause a serious injury.

A dull cigar cutter not only compromises the cut of the cigar but can actually provide a hazard to the user. Dull blades are much more likely to slip which can result in mishaps. Users are very much encouraged to make certain that their lighter’s cigar cutter is kept sharp and clean. This ensures the longest possible service life, the best cuts and the most safety for the user.

Dave Sabot is the owner of specialty butane lighters store. With expert knowledge of cigar accessories, including pipe lighters, Dave also owns an online cigar humidor store.