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Cheetah Print Trends

People are always on the lookout for new fashions, but are afraid of picking up on something after its already outdated. Its a valid concern, considering how often and how quickly trends change, but if you are willing to try something a little different, then you may want to think about the cheetah print. The cheetah print has been around for a while, coming in and out of the fashion realm, but the key to making the print work lies in using it sparingly and tastefully.

Whether you are looking to add cheetah print to your wardrobe selection, collection of accessories, or room decor, consider what the print does visually, and make sure it fits the message you are trying to get across. Animal prints in general scream wild, fun, exotic ” they are full of life and energy and personality. Here are some things to consider when choosing cheetah print:

– The number one rule is always not to overdo it. Because the cheetah print can be overwhelming, its important not to overuse it, or to mix it with other bold prints and patterns. If you do, you will get a noisy, confused look.

– Instead, tone down the cheetah print or dress it up. Pick just one (or a few if you have to) cheetah print items for your outfit, and let them do the talking. Don’t do cheetah pants with cheetah shirt with cheetah accessories ” it really will get to be too much.

– Believe it or not, cheetah prints can be classy and chic. Make sure the fabrics wildness is tamed by a sophisticated style. Go for a floor-length gown with simple jewelry, or a solid colored outfit with a sleek cheetah scarf.

– Remember that animals prints are not exactly calming pieces; but if you are trying to portray passion and exoticness in a room, consider cheetah print cushions against leather furniture. As always, just a piece here or there is more than enough.

– Cheetah prints also grace the surfaces of bags, scarves, shoes and bangles. You can even find cheetah covered journals, or make your own. These accessories make a great accented addition if you are into the full-blown cheetah phenomenon.

Of course, you don’t have to like the cheetah print all, and that’s fine. Who knows ” it might even be on its way out of popular opinion by the time you are done reading this!

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