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Cheap Beads You Can Use For Jewelry

Creating handmade jewelry is becoming a very popular pastime for a lot of people from all walks of life. You can create jewelry out of regular jewelry supplies and traditional beads or you can get creative and make your own jewelry with all sorts of unexpected materials. In fact, you can save a lot of money on your handcrafted jewelry by making your own beads!

The best thing about making jewelry from non-traditional beads is that you can completely control the creative process while saving lots of money at the same time. Using your own handmade beading supplies can present some interesting challenges, but it can also lead you to design some amazingly unique handcrafted! One of the best ways to make your own bead jewelry is to make your own jewelry beads! Here are some unique things you can make your own beads out of:

Make Jewelry Beads From Beans or Large Seeds: You can make all sorts of interesting beads from dried beans and seeds. Think about coffee beans and other large seeds or beads that could easily be threaded on a wire. After drilling holes you’ll also want to cover your new beads with some sort of sealant spray.

Making Jewelry From Paper Beads: People have been creating beads from all sorts of paper for hundreds of years. You can experiment with different types of paper, different colors and even different shaped strips of paper when making your beads. To make your own handcrafted paper beads you just cut out lengths of paper and roll them around something small and thin and then apply a little glue to keep them together.

You can make your own beads for jewelry out of just about any material available, so don’t feel held back by these ideas alone. If you already know how to make your own handcrafted jewelry then you probably already possess the skills and even the tools to make plenty of affordable beads that can be turned into beautiful jewelry!

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