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Celtic Wedding Bands: Why Couples Choose Them

Couples who have dated and then become engaged have many decisions to make at that moment in their lives. What are their goals? How will they be able to afford a home and a life together? Do they want children? How many? Traditionally, little girls have planned their weddings many years in advance. Together as a couple makes determinations about their new life together, they will choose which wedding ring will best symbolize their union. Celtic wedding bands are chosen by couples because of their beauty, what the art itself means, and because they are classic.

Many couples choose Celtic wedding bands because of their simple beauty. Celtic art revolves around free-flowing lines that create designs such as tridents or knots. Some Celtic designs are very ornate and complex, but even the most complicated design is just a series of simple lines. Modern Celtic art has grown to include images of hearts that are linked together, and looping lines that together form a whimsical design. These designs can be looked at for a long time without becoming dull or boring.

Heritage is another reason people choose Celtic wedding bands. Many of the Celtic tribes were in different European countries. Speaking related languages, they were more a tribe than a united nation. Italy, Germany, Spain, France, as well as Britain and Ireland were all home to some tribe of Celts. Couples who are connected to the old world by genealogy, choose Celtic rings to honor those who came before them. Couples also choose Celtic rings because of the cultures they represent. Many people feel a connection with countries that have a strong, remaining Celtic heritage like Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Celtic designs are popular with couples because they have lasting value. This value comes from having withstood the test of centuries of time. Celtic wedding bands insure that couples will not feel their rings are outdated. As the marriage they are entering into, their rings should also be viewed as long term.

Although the ring that is chosen does not indicate what the relationship will be, is does indicate a lot of personality. Couples choose rings that represent their starting point, and how they want to grow. Passions that they have should be shared. Couples who are happy long term often share a love of music, art or culture.

Globally, artists the world over continue to look to Celtic art to express themselves today. Simple lines creating such beautiful and intricate designs is one reason couples choose Celtic wedding bands. Another reason is for the historic value and link they provide. Additionally, having already withstood the test of time, Celtic rings will remain beautiful for years and years.

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