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Cellulite: What Are the Myths?

Cellulite is surrounded by myths. There are many misleading “facts” about cellulite that have led women to desperately try to get rid of or avoid getting cellulite only to end up with it gracing their back sides. Weeding through the myths and spelling out the facts is important. This way people can really know the whole truth about cellulite.

1. There’s a myth going around that cellulite can be caused by soda. According to myth, soda contained sodium levels that made your fat cells swell, cellulite following right after it. There’s no basis in fact for this. It’s true that cellulite is made up of fat cells; but they’re there because they’re trapped in the connectiv tissue of the skin.

Myth 2: Only people over the age of 40 get cellulite. Although cellulite may be easier to spot on older skin because it is thinner, a person of any age can have it.

Myth 3: You only get cellulite on the buttocks and thighs. These areas of the body are more prone to having cellulite, but it can also be found on one’s stomach, neck, and arms.

4. Perhaps one of the most common myths is that only over weight people get cellulite. This myth, when debunked, can be devastating to those who are not over weight. Unfortunately everyone has fat cells, even skinny people so they too are subject to cellulite.

5. A lot of people think that you can rid yourself of cellulite with proper diet and exercise. Because of how cellulite is produced, there’s no basis for this. You can’t burn this type of fat using your metabolism, so exercise is literally useless for this. Since cellulite is trapped in the skin’s connective tissue, the metabolism can’t touch it.

These are the five most common myths about cellulite. Companies have used this false information to sell products promising to cure or even prevent cellulite. Dealing with cellulite is easier once you know the facts from the myths.

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