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Cellulite Laser Treatment: What You Need To Know

Many people are interested in knowing more about cellulite laser treatment. This is one of the newest modern ways of getting rid of cellulite. Does it really work? How does it work?

What It Is

There are many options and types of laser treatment for cellulite depending on who or which cosmetic clinic developed it. Essentially though, laser treatment for cellulite simply involves the use of low level laser light to break down fats. Cellulite is basically a kind of fat and is thus receptive to lasers. Once cellulite is broken down or liquefied, it can be eliminated easily from the body.

Combined Approach

In most cases, laser treatment is used in combination with other approaches for getting rid of cellulite. One such approach is liposuction. Fats are first broken down with lasers. The liquefied fat is then sucked out using the liposuction canula. The fat that isn’t suctioned will be flushed out of the body naturally.

Endermologie is also another approach that is used with laser treatment. Lasers are first applied on the fats to break them down and soften them before the massage rollers are used. This makes the movement of fat out of the body easier and faster.

Takes Time and Money

It is an expensive option. Before choosing to undergo cellulite laser treatment, you should know that you do have to spend a lot for it. This is especially true since you have to pay for liposuction and endermologie too. Moreover, some people may have to undergo more than just one session. That should add up to your expenses.

You should also know that even after treatment, cellulite may return. To prevent a recurrence of cellulite, you may have to discipline yourself not to eat foods that may increase your overall fat deposits and increase fat retention in the body. You may also have to maintain a regular exercise program to burn fats and tone your muscles.

Risks and Side Effects

Experts say that the lasers used for the removal of cellulite is so low level that complications and side effects are very rare. The accompanying procedures used with laser treatment however may have other more serious risks and side effects. In the hands of inexperienced practitioners, endermologie could result in bruising. Liposuction on the other hand might result in infections, bleeding, tissue damage and internal punctures. You reduce your risk of suffering from serious side effects and complications by getting the best and most experienced practitioners in their field. Of course, having the best may also mean that you would have to spend more.

One other serious risk is that you may not get exactly what you expect especially if you are not a perfect candidate for the procedure. This is why before you undergo treatment, your doctor will ask you to maintain realistic expectations. Even with the great amount of money that you would have to spend, there is no guarantee that you will get perfect results. Laser treatment may help improve your appearance but it may not give you a totally cellulite-free body.

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