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Causes Why You Didn’t Grow Tall

There are many culprits behind your lack of that “grow tall” factor. For one, genetics plays central role in determining your maximum height potential. If either of your parents or both of them stand only stand five feet or so, you cannot expect to grow into a giant. However, if you have a relative or two who are quite tall, you may have a good shot at growing tall yourself. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to growth though, height depends on what many people may call “coincidence”.

There is no clear scientific explanation, however, that can define the processes that affect genes directly linked to growth and height. What is known for now is that height is multifactorial, meaning there is a host of factors that affect height. Case in point: There are a lot of genes related to growth. There are genes for controlling HGH or human growth hormone and genes affecting the the receptors of the cells for this hormone. There are also genes directly affecting the timing and release of HGH into the blood stream and genes that affect how strong and dense bones in the body are. However, even while the genes responsible for growth are still not fully understood, many people rely on using growth hormones to stimulate growth.

The question of whether you will maximize your potential height or not is dependent on other factors outside your genes, however. These include factors like environment, gestation and nutrition.

Nutrition takes a pivotal role in growth, particularly during the growth years of childhood, puberty and sometimes even adulthood. All individuals need sufficient nutrition to maintain the process of continuous growth. Children aged six to ten, for example, need to acquire sufficient nutrition to sustain their 2.5 inches growth every year.

Their diets should be composed of all nutrients necessary to maintain accelerated growth such as vitamins and minerals. Without these nutrients, only two possible scenarios may occur- slower growth or stunted growth. Unfortunately, many individuals who did not receive enough nutrition during the years when they are supposed to grow turn out to be shorter than their peers.

Needless to say, diet is a factor that should be taken cared of when a child, an adolescent, or an adult tries to add a few inches to his height.

It is, therefore, recommended for teenagers and adults not to go on extreme diet as this can lead to nutrient deprivation, which eventually sabotages your body’s capacity to grow . Instead, they are recommended to undergo sustained comprehensive diet.

That said, it is very crucial to have regular meals and to have regular vitamin and mineral supplementation. Also, it is very crucial to space meals so that there is enough time for HGH to circulate the entire body.

Meanwhile, two other reasons why some people do not grow tall or do not achieve their desired height root from factors that they cannot control such as those which occurred when they were still in the womb and those that have affected them throughout of their lives. Even while the majority of these can no longer be mended, simple things such as standing in the correct posture or picking up the right fit and size of clothes may do much to enhance height and profile.

Besides working as a freelance writer for medical articles, I also channel much of my energies to seeking solutions to shortness of height. Check out more resources about how to grow tall and other solutions to growth problems here.