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Carrying a Bowie Knife in a Suitcase When Flying

Air travel has certainly become more troublesome since 9/11. However, most travelers would agree that the new restrictions are not without cause. That said, understanding these new restrictions can be a bit problematic. For instance, are you allowed to carry a bowie knife aboard a plane? You might be surprised by the answer to that question – yes, you can. However, you’ll have to follow some special rules setup by the TSA to maintain safety aboard planes.

How do you go about carrying your bowie knife on the plane? First, don’t put it in your carryon bag, or wear it on your belt. These are sure ways to be stopped and investigated by the airport security personnel. In order to transport your knife aboard an airplane, you will need to put it in your checked baggage and leave it with the ticket desk. You should also ask whether or not sharp objects need to be declared. Firearms, ammunition and even paintball guns are required to be declared, so your knife might also.

Next, you will need to pack your knife appropriately. You would think that just placing it in your suitcase would be enough, but the TSA demands more stringent measures. You’ll need to make sure that your bowie knife is sheathed, first and foremost. You will also need to make sure that the knife is secured within the sheath in some way. Some sheaths have a buttoned strap for this purpose. However, even a simple piece of twine can serve your purpose here.

Second, bowie knives must be secured within their sheath. A strap holding the blade within the sheath will suffice. However, if your sheath is not so equipped, you can opt to wrap your knife in cloth, bubble wrap or some other material. In fact, the more heavily packed your knife is, the better the chance that it will arrive at your destination.

Carrying your bowie knife with you is more convenient than you might think, but it will necessitate that you plan ahead and prepare for any contingencies that might arise. That said, with a bit of forethought, you can arrive at your destination and have your bowie knife with you at the same time, which is better than many travelers assume.

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