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Can Layered Haircuts For Women Really Help?

It’s true. I’m a layered hair enthusiast. But it’s not much of a stretch to claim layered haircuts for women are here to stay. Especially when you consider the three primary reasons why they’re so popular.

One, a layered hair cut will be flattering to the various face shapes.

Two, you get a look that’s a cut above. Pun intended. Besides adding layers is shear genius in that it’s a simple way to add volume and bounce to your locks.

Three, you have so many interesting styling options. For example you could do your hair in a variety of updos or wear it down. Keep it straight or curled. Your choice.

Yet I feel an easily overlooked advantage is how layers can change the appearance of your face. Let’s quickly look at but one example of how that works.

Say your face is long with a sharp chin. In your case you might be better off opting for shorter layers. Doing so will add width to your face.

Despite the difference this can make don’t just flip a coin when it comes to doing this or not. Get your stylist’s opinion on how this would work with your face shape before taking the layered plunge.

Another part of the layering master plan to consider is how many and where. Because how many layers are snipped in and their length affects things too. Luckily you can test drive various styles with layers added to see which gives you the best shot at looking drop dead gorgeous.

Now if you’re one with longer hair, well, in that case one way to go would be to have layers cut into the last three inches of hair. Leaving the rest of your hair the same length would let you wear a flip at say that came to shoulder level. Another option would be to request side swept bangs.

Don’t forget that all textures and types of hair benefit from layers being added. Also layering works extremely well with wavy hair, looks good with straight hair and helps naturally curly hair to stay in line. With fine hair layers create the illusion of fullness and added volume.

Naturally you can also look at color too. Since highlights can look absolutely gorgeous with a layered look. Going a step further you could experiment with two colors. Using a darker base shade and overlaying the highlights on that. And is there any faster way out of a hair rut?

Yes I’m a layered hair enthusiast. But can you blame me? So why not change your look into something layered? As a women it’s your prerogative to change your mind. Why not change your hair too?

As a hair styling enthusiast Suzan K Bishop has written about hairstyles for long hair, more on pixie cuts or angled bobs, plus explored hair cuts with bangs. Should you wish to check it out, is a great place for learning more about styling, cutting or hair care products. It may well have the secrets you have been looking for but were unable find.