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Buying Perfectly Fitting Jeans Online

Have you ever thought of purchasing jeans online? Many people have not, because they are used to trying on the jeans and checking fit in the mirror. This is of course impossible when purchasing online. But, if you have a tape measure and take five important measurements, you can buy online and be confident that your jeans will fit.

Having a friend help you with this process is helpful, but not required. Take your tape measure, and remember when taking measurements to hold the tape slightly loose. Take the following measurements:

1. Upper waist. First, loop the tape around the smallest part of your waist. It will likely be higher than where your jeans will actually sit. Although your waist measurement will not be where your jeans waist will sit, it is still used to determine the size of the waist on the jeans. If you take the measurement at the actual point where the jeans will hit, your waistband will probably be too loose.

2. Lower waist: This is a tricky measurement, as most of us don’t know where our ‘lower waist’ is. If you figure where high waisted waist jeans hit, and where low rise jeans hit, aim for directly in between these two points and measure there. It will be just below the point of your hip.

3. Bottom width: For most women, figure that this is going to be a few inches bigger than the waist measurement. Use the tape to measure around yourself at the widest point of your hips.

4. Thigh width: Measure around the widest part of one of your thighs.

5. Inseam length: This is easiest to measure using a pair of jeans you already own and that fit you well. Take this pair of jeans and lay them out flat. Then, using the tape measure, measure from the crotch seam down the inner thigh to the bottom of the cuff.

Now you are ready to buy the jeans. Once you are on the jeans site, add an inch to each of the measurements provided on the site as guidelines for what size to purchase.

Jeans are sized differently depending on where the company is based. Jeans that are from an American manufacturer will use U.S. sizing. European makers will use European sizing. Consider where the company is based, and this will tell you which sizing scheme will be used.

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