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Buying Clothes For The Baby

You may get a lot of great things when you have a baby shower. Many people love to buy baby clothes for the new baby, so this may be a very common gift. When you get these things home, you may find some are not to your liking and you take them back for something else, but many of the outfits and other items are going to be great. You do not want to take these items of babies clothing and place them in a dresser, stand, or closet to wait for your baby to wear them. You have to clean them first, and you have to keep a few things in mind after they come home as well.

Anything that is going to touch your baby’s skin will need to be cleaned in a detergent that is made for that reason. Ivory Snow was one such product, but it may not be on the market any longer. You can also look for and purchase Dreft in your local store or online in some cases. There are others that work well for babies clothing too, so see what you can find. The main point is that the detergent is gentle without anything that will irritate the soft, sensitive skin of a baby. You may want to use this for one year and then you can see what happens. Most babies are fine after that time, but some continue to have sensitive skin issues.

When you purchase or receive your new car seat for your baby, you should give it the same treatment you would your babies clothing. You want to take off the fabric parts (do so carefully so you do not lose anything and so that you know how to put it back together) and put them in the wash with the special detergent as well. The same can be said for any crib seats, changing pad liners, and all blankets that will be in contact with your baby’s skin. If your baby will touch it, wash it.

There are going to be times when you have a need to remove a stain from babies clothing items. At no time in our lives are we quite as messy as we are when we are under three years of age. You may be tempted to use your regular stain stick or spray, but that is not a good idea either. There are some stain sprays made just for babies clothing, and Dreft makes one of them. Read labels before you buy so you know the solution will not irritate baby’s skin and then use as directed.

If any of the babies clothing items you get or buy are dry clean only, make sure you let your dry cleaner know that you want them to use something gentle. The very nature of dry cleaning may ensure everything is fine, but you want to ask and be sure they understand. If your baby breaks out easily, you may want to use detergents and cleaners made just for babies much longer than one year old. Remember that anything you use in your home could irritate them, so read all labels carefully, even when you are cleaning something other than babies clothing.

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