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Burning The Midnight Oil And Learning How To Lose Arm Fat

Most women know that when figuring out how to lose arm fat, sleep is important. Why? Because it’s when arm-fat-burning hormones are secreted and when body repair takes place.

What most women do NOT know, is that sleep has a tremendous impact on levels of perceived effort. How is this possible? Because certain neurotransmitters are restocked when you are in the dream state of sleep.

Thus, if you do not get a full and restful night of sleep, every single little task for losing arm fat will seem abnormally difficult.

Thus, getting a good night’s sleep is critical because of the effect it has on your mind. And by extension, on your efforts for figuring out how to lose arm fat.

So without further ado, here is how to lose more arm fat by getting more sleep:

1. Get some high intensity light. The light you are exposed to by staying indoors all day is not sufficient for your internal clock to establish a regular sleep rhythm. And without this rhythm, deep sleep will elude you. Thus, using some high intensity light in the form of a light box can be a great solution here.

2. Get hot. The best way to do this is to exercise hard, very hard. The higher your body temperature gets during the day, the more delta sleep you will get at night. Delta sleep, by the way, is the deepest phase of sleep. The more delta you get, the faster you will be able to lose arm fat.

3. Stay off the alkaloids. By alkaloids I mean caffeine. Look, caffeine is a great chemical. Unfortunately, most women are abusing it. The end result? Fragmented and light sleep. And bear in mind that this can happen without you being aware of it.

4. Empty your mind at least one hour before bed. I repeat, you need at least one hour before bed time to empty out your mind. You cannot enter a deep sleep from one minute to the next. If you really want to lose that arm fat, give yourself the requisite transition period.

Learning how to lose arm fat requires learning how to sleep well. If you are not getting a full night’s sleep, losing arm fat will be extremely hard. Not only will it mess with your mood, it will also decrease recovery and make you hungrier the next day. So start getting some sleep so that you can finally have the sexy arms of your dreams!

Katherine Crawford M.S., a Harvard exercise physiologist and recent flabby arms victim, is an expert on arm toning exercises. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms right now by visiting her website on upper arm exercises.