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Bulova Womens Watches: Always The First In Elegance and Reliability

I am sure Joseph Bulova, a young immigrant from Bohemia, had no idea his little jewelry store in New York City would evolve into one of the world’s best known and renowned watch companies: the Bulova Watch Company. mens Bulova watches can be found in stores around the world. How many watch companies have evolved from making simple pocket watch in the early 1900’s to landing on the moon in the 1960’s? How many watches adorned the wrists of General Omar Bradley, Charles Lindbergh and Lyndon Johnson?

No one can dispute the excellent reputation of the Bulova Watch Company and the brand recognition of their name. Perfecting the art of time keeping by introducing dramatic new watch works, they simply redefined the art of watch making. Today Bulova watches can be found in stores and bazaars around the world.

Over the years the Bulova watch portfolio has expanded to include solutions for timekeeping needs. Incorporating 130 years of watch making expertise with the changing needs of society, they were able to provide a menu of options for individual tastes, lifestyles and budgets. From simple but accurate wristwatches used in World War I to exquisite jeweled pieces, the watch was transformed from a useful tool to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

During their history, the company has changed how we keep track of time. One example of that change was the introduction of the Accutron watch line. Introduced in the 1960’s, the Accutron is the first watch to run on electric batteries, rather than springs which would frequently break. This is one of the most dynamic changes in timekeeping history. So excited was President Lyndon Johnson with this amazing new men’s wrist watch that he presented it to all his visiting dignitaries from around the globe.

The Accutron was certified by the railroad industry as the watch to be worn by all railroad personnel. This was due to its amazing accuracy in time keeping. NASA, the National Space Agency, used the Accutron technology into their space computers, using it in 46 missions to outer space. And Air Force One would only allow Accutron watches to be installed in the President’s airplane.

Not only did Bulova fly to the moon, but it stayed there! It was Bulova’s technology that allowed the equipment installed in the Sea of Tranquility to transmit vital data back to the United States for several years. It is hard to tell what valuable lessons were learned from this data, but the reliability of the Bulova engineering was never in doubt.

Joseph Bulova never imagined that his early watches would lead to a clock whose internal workings were directed by signals sent from orbiting satellites. In 1968, the first in the world public clock was installed atop a skyscraper in Mexico. The Mexican President took great pride in this event. A clock run from space! What an achievement.

The years between 1875 and 1975 were not only years of mens wrist watch, but also years of war and peace, of terrible depression and great uncertainty. But through the upheaval and new discoveries the one thing we could always count on was the reliability of the mens Bulova watches.