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Bring Out Your Beauty With The Magic Of Cosmetics

Beauty enhancing cosmetics are available in a wide range of products thanks to great advances in our modern cosmetics industry. To beautify our personal appearance most people opt for cosmetics to enhance their allure and with such a wide range available, the current range and variety is unsurpassed.

Before applying your new favorite shade of eyeshadow, you must prepare the foundation that you will be working on first, in a similar fashion to the method an artist might use before beginning work on a great masterpiece. The first and most important step to this preparation is to cleanse your face, neck and decolletage area with a gentle cleansing lotion that is designed to suit the needs of your skin type.

Use a quality toning lotion to remove excess cleanser and as an aid to tightening the pores. This will assist your skin in keeping the cores unclogged of grime and prepare the skin for the application of your moisturizer. This is another important step in your routine and you should ensure that you use a moisturizer designed to suit your skin type. Be sure to apply it generously to the throat and decolletage as well.

At this point you should apply a blemish stick to disguise any blemishes or skin discoloration that you may have. Use a good quality concealing stick to disguise dark circles under your eyes. You are now ready to apply your foundation. Select a shade that is as close as possible to your own, keeping in mind that foundation should look as natural as possible as it is a base layer used to minimize the appearance of minor blemishes.

Be careful about blending the foundation into your hairline and along the jaw line. Be sure that you do not have a clearly defined line of color that stops suddenly on the jaw as this looks unnatural. Apply a small amount of foundation to the lids and beneath the eyes for an even appearance. Next apply your powder in light even sweeps to the entire face. Ensure that you choose a natural, neutral tone to compliment your foundation.

Which color palette you choose for your eyes is dependent upon your personal taste and upon the occasion. When selecting eyeshadow, steer clear from colors that are similar to the color of your eyes, as they will tend to dull and distract from your eyes, creating a muddying effect rather than brightening your eyes.

Generally those with blue, grey and green eyes should choose a warmer palette, while those with dark eyes, whether brown or dark blue, can lean more towards the cooler spectrum of the color palette. Eyeliner defines the eyes beautifully and should be applied to both upper and lower lids to define and enhance the shape of your eyes.

Apply a darker eyeshadow to the crease and eyelid, blending with a lighter shade on the brow bone. You can also apply color along the edge of the lower lid. Carefully apply a good quality mascara to both upper and lower lashes in a darker shade. Proceed to apply your blusher to the hollow of the cheeks, below the cheekbone and as a final touch, add your preferred lipstick or fruit gloss. Your look is now complete, but do be sure to touch up during the day or night, ensuring that you are the beauty of the ball!

There are many steps that can be taken to remain youthful and radiant. Hair removal, exercise, skin care, hair care and a trip to the beauty salon can all help this process.