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Breast Augmentation Computer Imaging

Breast augmentation computer imaging hasn’t been around that long but it has produced many happy patients already. It allows a doctor to show the patient a very close approximation of the results of breast enhancement.

The biggest advantage of computer imaging is that it allows doctors to choose the right implant size. Bad sizing is the No. 1 reason women have to go back for a second operation. It’s the main cause of expensive, time-consuming follow-up operations.

Imaging assists doctors in choosing the perfect size for you. In the old days, doctors had to measure the area and do an estimate. This is not easy since implants never match cup sizes. They are measured differently so a skilled surgeon is needed to determine what is best. And there are several unhappy patients who return in a year for a second operation.

But a highly skilled surgeon who is into breast augmentation for a long time can usually pick the right breast size. If your doctor has several satisfied implant patients, that means that individual has a good reputation.

Breast augmentation computer imaging is a miracle for women getting reconstruction work. If you’ve had a breast or part of it removed because of cancer, imaging is essential. This is a standard procedure during reconstruction. It is important because these women are not getting regular cosmetic surgery; they need the new breasts to look and feel as natural as possible.

However, augmentation work is highly individualized and personal. No computer can tell you exactly what you want that’s why you still need to consult a plastic surgeon. A computer simply can’t assess your needs like a skilled surgeon can. It can just show projected images.

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