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Boyfriend Jeans – Style And Comfort All In One

Most fashion trends come and go. They will make comebacks, but they never stay around for long. However, it really says something about a fashion trend if it sticks around for more than a few years. One such fashion that has stuck is the boyfriend jean. It’s a fashion trend for those who want a more comfortable feel when wearing their jeans. It comes at the price of being a bit more androgynous, as this was the style in the nineteen nineties; nothing is wrong with a little androgyny, though.

These types of pants come in many colors and style options and come in various styles with different stitching on the pockets — they are also usually worn baggy. The waist is also fairly low, making for a unique look.

Department stores carry these types of pants, discount stores sell them as well, as do some second hand venues. Buying them used at a flea market or garage sale is a great way to recycle and save some money. These pants can actually be a boyfriend’s jeans that are being discarded they can be rescued from the trash heap and reused by the girlfriend.

These jeans, despite having a rather homely description, can be purchased for up to five hundred dollars. Luckily, there are some for as low as forty dollars. It really depends on the brand. They are priced the same as other varieties of jeans. If you want a brand name, you’ll have to shell out extra cash.

Dark wash styles should be washed inside out to preserve the color. Light wash varieties can be bleached lightly when they become heavily soiled. All styles should be washed according to label directions and washed with like colors. These pants are easy to take care of and can be dried in the dryer or hung on a clothes line to save energy and preserve the size of the pair of jeans.

These styles are hip and super comfortable — they will easily become the favorite jeans in the closet. They fit all types of body styles and shapes. They are fun to wear and are very trendy. They are a good wardrobe investment and will stay in style for years to come. Boyfriend jeans are the best thing that has come along in jean styles in a long time.

One of today’s most popular juniors styles is boyfriends jeans, which have a special style all their own.