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Birthday Gifts, The Random Ones Are The Best

It’s true, when someone talks about what they got for the birthday, they don’t go on about the chocolate and jewellery; they talk about the unusual gifts. But being random alone isn’t enough to make a good gift; it needs to either be funny, useful or tasty.

OK, knowing that doesn’t mean you now magically know the ideal gift to get for your friend, so bear this in mind, a good idea doesn’t stop being a good idea if stolen, just don’t get caught! So to help you out here are a few examples:

Funny gifts, clothes can be good gifts, provided they actually are funny. Funny/novelty t-shirts and hats are quite popular but there are some more outrageous items such as the “mankini”. Or you could get something more interactive such as a mini cow shaped vacuum cleaner. Really, random is good.

The useful. I suppose it depends on what you define as “useful”, but there are a lot of options in this area. You could go for a star trek communicator that actually works with your computer or a beer drinking hat. OK, so I can’t think of many more right now, but they are out there if you take a little time to look.

The tasty. Now this is a good one, everyone loves a good bit of food. One pretty useful thing to bear in mind is that not all food/drink/sweets are made in this country. You could have some Japanese stuff imported, a lot of which will be strange and new to your friend. Also, booze, while leaning towards the standard and boring, can make for some interesting presents and is well worth a look if your friend is old enough.

There are a few other gifts out there to consider if your friends aren’t easily offended. I won’t go into too much detail but think along the lines of adult toys and edible underwear and you’ll be on the right track..

So, a few ideas for you there which you should certainly use if you think it will work. But none if them do, try to think of your own, keeping it random and fun.

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