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Dream Of Being Chased

Being chased in a dream is a very frequent dream theme and is often the result of past experiences, memories or one of the numerous and varied responsibilities we face in our everyday lives.

One can compare being chased in a dream to the feelings we experience from being pressured and followed around by a nagging voice forever reminding us of what has to be taken care of in our daily routines. Being chased results from the overwhelming responsibility of maintaining a marriage, relationships, career, workplace, work flow, family, and our financial responsibilities.

As though this weren’t enough, to compound these mind blinding pressures with unpleasant past memories, new changes and guilt are our constant companions. The addition of health problems, fears, depression, anxiety that individually or together are overwhelming forces that can contribute to dreams of being chased.

Some Of The Major Causes Of Being Chased In Dreams-The are hundreds of reasons that result in dreams of being chased, the major ones seem to be painful memories, troubled marriages, unpleasant experiences, difficult relationships, stifling working environments, unreasonable employers, financial problems, health issues, anxiety, depression and fear.

Although these are among the major causes of chase dreams, being chased by a group, mobs, known, seen and unseen enemy, stranger, beast or act of nature rank very high in chase dreams.

Yet, though we understand the reasons that cause dreams of being chased, it unusual for a dream of being chase reveal to the dreamer the actual cause of their chase dream within the dream itself. The reason is simple, for the part we dream about events, occurrences, symbols, signs, actions, reactions and illusions. And because we do not dream as a normal story would follow, the real reason for the dream is hidden.

To better understand and gain insight into your chase dreams, you must first understand how your emotions fit into and play out in the dream with the emotions you felt when you woke up out of the dream. By understanding your feelings during the dream, you will more easily be able to fit the dream puzzle with the real cause of the dream.

To accomplished this, you must look into the dream clues: as to who or what was the focus of the dream. The actions taking place in the dream both by you and against you, what colors did you see, what was said, read, heard, felt, what body language and facial expressions did you see displayed in the dream. All play an important part in defining the meaning of the dream.

Other Causes Of Dreams Of being Chased-Dreams of being chased by a person or unseen entity represents a personal attack against you due to jealousy, envy and a personal hidden agenda. Being chased by a person or unseen entity also represents you are being misused for financial gain, lies, illusion, deception, and the truth is camouflaged in a mask of truth mixed with lies. This also represents an attack against you personally in excluding you from important meetings and events in your personal life and at work by edging you out of the circle of decision makers involved in major projects and decisions.

On the other side of the coin, dreams of being chased by a wind represents a demonic attack through whispers, gossip, lies, back stabbing and betrayal by another or others escalated out of control. This kind of attack often leaves the dreamer confused, doubtful, fearful, depressed and experiencing panic attacks of anxiety.

The focus of this kind of demonic attack by others is to put the dreamer through a physical, emotional and psychological roller coaster in their lifestyles, personal identity, self esteem leaving them with financial stress, denial, pain, money problems, emotional trauma, separation, deep depression, panic, grief, sorrow and great disappointments.

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