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Beauty Salons Have Seen a Rise in Laser Hair Removal Demand

In a few cases an increase of 22% year on year.

Surgery for the removal of hair employing a laser is a new development. The original equipment that came into the marketplace for this procedure had issues that led directly to law suits. But constant research has improved the technology and product.

Most salons for laser hair removal surgery use licensed processes and devices and the specialists are highly finished in this process.

That’s why laser hair removal has proven to be the latest non-surgical procedures in numerous spas.

The procedure is to focus laser beams at the hair follicles, which soak up the heat thru their dark pigmentation and die. The encompassing skin isn’t affected if it is of a lighter shade than the hair.

As we discovered at college, dark colours absorb heat and lighter ones do not. A fair-skinned person with black or brown hair would a perfect candidate for this treatment. But newly developed technologies could maybe manage dark-skinned folks also.

A competent laser hair removing salon should accept a candidate only after carefully checking the skin condition.

Laser hair removing usually needs 6 to eight courses of laser procedures . The most typical areas in women are the face, neck, bikini line, underarms and legs.

The most common areas in men are the face, neck, back and chest.

The process can actually be performed in a lunch break for busy middle management.

Laser hair removing has become favoured lately and is a perfect long term solution for time-limited women and men wishing a low maintenance option.

Human hair has cyclical expansion. Laser surgery is most efficient if it is done in the growing phase. It may not be possible to cover all such hair in one session.

Therefore two to six sittings could be required for the specified effect. The sessions could be five or six weeks intervals and, depending on the area to be treated, each sitting may need 1 to two hours.

Laser hair removing is proved to give permanent hair reduction and a course of treatments can remove all hair forever.

The procedure is available for both men and ladies and can help with unwanted hair on virtually any bit of the body.

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