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Beauty: Pretty Is Really As Pretty Does!

Humans have had an age-old search for beauty since ancient days, when one woman’s looks were judged better than anothers. It has been prized and has won acclaim and monetary awards in pageants, moving pictures and on television shows. The common standard for it is built on looks and demeanor rather than lasting attributes of honesty, talent and character.

But the old adages of beauty is not only skin deep and pretty is as pretty does seem to indicate that we as humans should look beyond the pretty face. We should instead look inward to judge the true elegance of the person involved. The inner qualities must be considered and valued in addition to the outward appearance of individuals.

A current modern fascination is with reality shows featuring kids dolled up in pageant fixings. The kids are dressed in beautiful clothes and they are expected to act mannerly and grown up. This expectation does not allow for the children to express what behavioral specialists call age appropriate behavior actions and mannerisms fitting their age and stage in life.

To evoke a persons natural potential for beautiful appearance and actions, it must be measured by both physical attributes and inner intelligence and habits. Physical attribute may only be fleeting at best, but inner intelligence and habits can continue to increase all a persons life. These qualities that last forever should be encouraged and rewarded in all young people as they grow and thrive into promising adults amid the impermanence and crises of daily life.

An individuals own concept of beauty should be encouraged to extend beyond appearance, and should reflect in addition the qualities and feelings someone has inside themselves like love, respect and appreciation of the natural world. The ability to appreciate the serenity of nature arrayed in its glorious colors and diversity cannot help but elicit a sense of wonder.

Music is beautiful in all of its forms; music alone possesses a quality of it. The tones of the scale put into action by the talented proficiency of the players make for a beautiful sound which attracts to musically gifted and tone-deaf persons alike. The soothing and yet invigorating sounds of music have a resonant quality of it all their own.

Beauty in the world must be measured by feelings and thoughts; there is no arbitrary measurement for it, despite what others would like us to believe. Whether it is color-based, appearance-based, or amenity-based, it cannot be quantified by a set of general standards. There is no set recipe for it in the world or no pill to be taken to ensure beautiful results.

So how can we as humans ensure that we become beautiful? We have seen that wearing the popular makeup or products do not do it, but what can? Most experts maintain that being the best you can be and taking the best care of yourself physically are two valuable ways you can begin. Making the decision about what constitutes what is beautiful and remembering that is another way to begin.

The truth about beauty is that there is not just one definition to be achieved world-wide. You have to set your own definition. Then, you must do whatever is in your power to make that happen for your life!

Aging is unavoidable, though, the way we take care of ourselves can help us age gracefully. Hair removal, exercise, skin care, hair care and a trip to the beauty salon can all help this process.