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Beauty 101 – New West Perfume: Sultry And Sexy

Women who want an appealing scent for evenings, or something that’s not overpowering for everyday use, will love New West perfume by Aramis. This perfume was released in 1990 after a great response to their New West Cologne for men.

Most companies tend to specialize in scents for woman, only releasing ones for men as an afterthought. But, Aramis has taken the opposite approach. It is the popularity of their male fragrance that encouraged them to create this stunning scent for women. Being a division of Estee Lauder for over thirty years, Aramis has reliable information on what women and men will like. Using this knowledge, they have managed to create several popular scents.

This incredible mix of scents, including flowers, spices and a little citrus is appropriate for all occasions. Whether a woman is headed to work or going out on a special date, she’ll be able to make good use of this one. This perfume can be worn for either casual or dressy moments. Any female who uses this can be assured that she is memorable.

Many perfumes are too strong to be worn all the time. A woman has to be careful about what she wears and when. No woman wants to wear a fragrance that overpowers and this one does not. It will, however, linger just long enough, after you walk away, to make them remember you! There is not a woman on earth who does not want to be memorable.

This perfume has a clean fresh scent that is not at all cloying like some of the sweeter scents. The main goal of women is to be sexy. There are some on the market that smell more like candy or a bakery. There is only a small segment of people who consider these types of smells sexy.

The female wearing New West Perfume will leave people thinking of a day at the beach or cool summer winds. Men will definitely take note of the spices that have been gently mixed into the blend to catch their attention.

Though the manufacturers ceased production awhile ago, New West Perfume still retains the same popularity. Some checking on the Internet enables the women who enjoy using it to find it without much trouble. Sales also make it a great buy at most of the stores that still carry it. It can’t be said for sure, but continued demand may get the company to bring it back.

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