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Beauty 101 – Facial Creams And Makeup Organizer

The chances of women having many types of facial creams, lotions and potions, and makeup are pretty high. Women just seem to always have more than enough of these things. It is pretty likely that if you have plenty of these then you will already have one or are looking to buy a makeup organizer. You can choose from many different organizers.

Women can either make or buy a great organizer. You can find really good organizers at almost any retail store in your area. They are sold in plastic, metal, glass, and even wood. You can buy them in all shapes, colors, and sizes. The things you want to organize will determine the type of organizer that you should buy. When organizing creams or lotions they are all different sizes and shapes.

They can be hard to fit into some organizers because of their sizes. You could try buying a big box that has a lid for a cream and lotion organizer. If the box will hold the largest of the bottles then the rest should fit as well. You may want to try taking the largest bottle to the store with you. You can use it to measure and make sure the rest of the bottles will fit.

If you can shut the lid with the big bottle in the one you like then you know it will hold the other bottles. You will want to look for something that matching the colors in the room your things will be stored in as well as matching the makeup organizer you will be buying.

When buying a makeup organizer you will want to have a good idea of the amount and size of your makeup. If you have a lot of lipstick and nail polish you will need a makeup organizer that has more of the round holes to hold these things than the square ones. You may want to wright down all the makeup that you have in order to have a good idea of what you are looking for while shopping.

Do not get stuck buying a traditional organizer for your makeup if they will not hold all your items. You can choose one of the many more ideas available for organizing makeup. You can try using a box with lid. You simply cut holes in the top of the lid and stick the brushes in it or put your lipstick in it with your nail polish. You can even think about tyring different bags.

If you have a lot of makeup you could by small makeup bags to put each type of makeup in. You can use one bag for lipstick one for nail polish and even one for your eyeshadow. Most people usually have one or two bottles of foundation and maybe two compacts of powder. Women tend to keep a lot of different lipsticks, nail polish, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and even blush.

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