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Basic Guide To Hairstyling Ahd Hair Design

Basic hairstyling and hair design can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. Even something as simple as putting your hair up into a pony tail can leave many options open. Should you put all of your hair up, should you pull hair down in the front to frame your face, and at what section should you tie the hair at?

If you have elected to leave your hair down for the day, you have many options taking this avenue as well. You could just let it air dry, however this tends to leave your hair looking a bit unmanaged. To avoid this, you should at least blow dry your hair after it has air dried for some time. After your hair has been dried, you may choose to straighten it. There are many brands of flattening irons and some do work better than others. To straighten your hair, just slide the iron from the top to the bottom. One may also curl their hair using a straightening iron by wrapping small strands around the barrel of the straightener. There is also the old fashion way of making your hair curly, which involves a curling iron. To use this tool, you should wrap small strands around the barrel and hold for a few seconds on each curl. Many companies have also come out with small curlers that one can heat up and then roll their hair. This requires less work and less time than a normal curling iron.

After basic hairstyling is decided, you may then move on to deciding on a design. This may be the cut of your hair, whether long, short, or medium and also whether you would like to have your hair layers, bangs or no bangs, shorter in the front or the back, and many other options that are available to you. There are many good resources for choosing a new hair design in magazines and books available at most hairdressers, beauty stores and drug stores.

Another part of design is the color of your hair. You may choose highlights, which are usually lighter over a darker under color, or highlights in addition to low lights, which will have many different colors throughout your hair giving it more definition. Some may choose to have two entirely different colors, such as a very light blonde on top of a dark color such as black, which can be very original and a way to truly define yourself and your hair.

Basic hair styling and hair design can set you apart from the crowd or make you one of the many. Spend time on your hair each day, take time to pick out your styles and designs, and be proud of your time spent.

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