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Avon Beauty Products: It’s Not Your Grandma’s Avon

For a very long time, I refused to use Avon beauty products. When I thought of Avon, I pictured in my mind, my grandmother’s endless collection of empty jars of cream that comes in those little round jars that Avon is famous for.

When I was a consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, I got real pleasure at telling people that Avon products were cheap simply because they were of really low quality. They could not be any good if Avon was willing to sell their products at such discounted prices. Little did I understand during the time that it cost the same for Mary Kay to produce a lipstick as it does Avon, give or take a few pennies.

Well, a few years later, I’m singing an entirely different tune. Due to the state of the economy and so many people being out of work, I started thinking twice about selling a lipstick for 12 bucks when i knew they could get it for significantly less and never have to give up high quality.

I discovered a great buddy of mine had just started offering Avon. I made a decision to get a few items from her site to support her business. At that time I told her, I was a Mary Kay snob and did not plan to promote Avon, ever. Having said that, little did she realize I was already researching the company and it’s line of skin care. I was looking for something to supply my buyers at a less expensive price.

Just based on the initial research that I did, I found out some great things about Avon Beauty Products.

One thing that stood out for me in particularly is a little known fact about their skin care science. Avon was the first to introduce Alpha Hydroxy Acid into the beauty market in 1991 through their Anew Clinical skincare line.

Additionally, Avon has so many more skin care options than I ever imagined.

And the perfume? The very last time I managed to get a whiff of their cologne, all I could think about was my grandma, again. But have they ever changed! They’ve got perfumes which will make you believe you’ve died and gone to heaven. I have also noticed that they have quite a few celebrity endorsements for their fragrances lines as well as numerous Allure awards.

If you are like I once was and have a biased opinion against Avon beauty products, I think it is worth taking a second look.

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