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Avoiding Complications Of Diabetes

My parents are both diabetic. During their thirties they were diagnosed with Type II Diabetes that surprised us all. It was a wake-up call for the whole family and we do admit that we don’t watch the food we eat. Most of the time our meal would consist of meat products and we seldom eat vegetables. After my parents were diagnosed of Type 2 Diabetes we become more aware of the food we eat and conscious of our health too.

Type II Diabetes is very common, and my family is still lucky that my parents don’t really need or rely only on diabetes pills or insulin. The key factor in controlling Type II diabetes is proper diet and regular exercise .

Diabetic patients will need to check out their diet because they are really sensitive. If they don’t follow a good diet plan or try to eat foods that will make their sugar level to rise is dangerous. Proper selection and strict monitoring of the food they take is important to balance their sugar level and to avoid complications of the disease. Taking into consideration that diabetes has a lot of secondary diseases as an end result of unchecked sugar level.

Diabetes that is uncontrolled can decrease production of saliva that will result in dry mouth. A dry mouth can lead to soreness, ulcers, infections, and tooth decay and you will need to contact a good dentist to assist you like a Richmond dentist. Unchecked diabetes can lower saliva flow, resulting in dry mouth. Dry mouth can lead further to soreness, ulcers, infections, and tooth decay.

By controlling the patients’ sugar level there is a big chance of avoiding or getting heart disease, stroke, eye disease that can lead to loss of vision or blindness, nerve damage that may cause numbness or pain in the hands, feet, legs or other parts of the body, kidney problems and gum disease and loss of teeth that really needs restoration like they do in Richmond implant dentistry.

Right now though my parents are taking diabetes pill but not on a regular basis. Generally we are focusing on food therapy, it means that we are monitoring the food they are eating, staying away from some foods that can potentially increase blood sugar and we put in moderation foods that don’t affect greatly the sugar level. We are avoiding making foods that are high in sugar and cholesterol such as cakes, junk foods, oily food and high in saturated fats. We regularly prepare healthy foods especially high fiber foods like vegetables and fruits. We restrict meat and depend more on fish that has much less fat and rich in omega 3.

Regular exercise plays a major role too in controlling sugar level in the body. By lowering your body weight especially diabetic patients who are obese it helps to lower your blood sugar and helps the cells to accept insulin more efficiently.

By using these simple advices we may not cure diabetes but by controlling it we can live normally eliminating threatening complications that may shorten the lives of our love ones.

Ben Wilkins, Freelance Writer. He widely writes about self improvements with Richmond dentist. For more tips on dental care visit Richmond Implant dentistry.