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Astral Travel Or Astral Projection

Astral travel or other wise called astral projection is an out growth of out of body experience. It says human body is constituted of as astral body and physical body in which astral body can leave human body and it can travel while physical body remains dead. After its travel or floating and it will re enter to human body and resume earlier state.

Astral body theory has been practiced by religious practitioners and has long dates back to ancient Egypt and India that is called spiritual walking. Astral projection is not fully proved by modern science but it has some evidences to justify the phenomenon is true and possible. Astral travel happens while physical body is about to death but if you are practicing spending some time and patience, you can also feel benefits of knowledge perception unleashing your spirit.

Being a beautiful art it has been practiced among various religious people and the techniques are introduced to practice it consciously when ever they desire to do. Later their followers gave up the practice of that wonderful art and gradually numbers of people who can do the art is reduced.

Historic evidences tell that ancient people had used astral projection for multiple purposes. Old cultures such as Indian, Chinese, African and Egyptian were highly concerned about heaven, hell and other out of universe concepts. They experienced all those stuffs projecting their spirits to the destination they want to know.

You can gain this ability by constant effort and disciplined life style. Start yoga and meditation. Practicing meditation will improve your mind and shape your thoughts to direct them. Meditate daily for a little time; make sure that you are scheduling same time and duration every day.

First and foremost thing is convince your mind that it can undergo astral projection and it can gain back after spiritual walking. Your mind should be fully prepared for that, even your slight fear about getting back to normal condition may fail you to undergo out of body experience.

You can practice astral travel once you achieved the ability to control your mind. Select a room or space which is away from crowd because nothing should be there to disturb your thoughts and attention. If you are not in a complete solitude you will not be able to practice. Close all windows and doors to shut light to room. Lay flat on bed looking up and put your hands on both sides.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Fresh up your mind and convince it that your astral body is leaving your physical body. Gradually you will a kind of connectedness to darkness which surrounded you. You will feel certain images are flashing before your eyes. Focus on one of those images and brush aside rest. Tell your body your soul is about to leave. You may feel a kind of shivering. Don’t over exited or try to stop it. Encourage it and keep on your focus on that objects before your eyes.

Now, you will feel like you have lost half of your body weight and travelling up heaven. Astral projection is done.

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