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Astral Projection – Out of Body

The phrase ‘Out of Body’ refers to having an experience of floating out of your own body and watching it and the world from a distance. A rare gift and a difficult ability to develop, it is similar in concept to autoscopy, which refers to floating out of body as well as ‘astral projections’ where different astral planes exist and the spirit leaves its own physical body to travel to these higher planes.

The five stages of an out of body experience involve the withdrawal, cataleptic, detachment, free movement and re-entry phases. At first, the body withdraws itself from the external environment not responding to any of its stimuli. This phase is similar to that of sleeping apart from the fact that your mind is focused.

The second comatose stage of any out of body experience involves total paralysis. That is, no kind of movement of body takes place and all body muscles turn rigid. However, other extra sensory perceptions take place and you might experience shivering and tingling sensations primarily and then intense vibrations, loud noises or even sight through closed eyes.

After the body has withdrawn from interacting with the external environment and in the state of sensing various extra sensory perceptions, the crucial time for the actual detachment comes. This is the phase where the actual out of body experience occurs with one’s spirit or the perceptual being leaving the physical body and traveling forward. One feels a floating sensation and the spirit floats out observing the world from outside. It is the most difficult phase of any out of body experience since even the slightest of apprehensions in the mind about not being able to return back into the body acts as an obstruction and does not let one travel forward.

During and after leaving the body, the strong pull from the body hinders to a certain extent at first but after one moves forward a bit of distance, all obstructions cease and the spirit enjoys full freedom to move to anyplace it wants. It observes the physical body and the world from a distance and travels to different planes and different ethereal realms of the world.

Lastly, your perceptual existence slowly meshes with your physical one and you return to reality, gradually awakening from a deep trance like condition. However, in case you become suddenly anxious about traveling too far out, which is usually the case, the re-entry would be quite sudden with a sensation of being sucked in or pulled in within the body.

Out of body experiences or OBEs as commonly known, are usually seen to occur in relation to sleep. When a person passes into the realm of dreams with full consciousness and complete awareness of oneself, the phenomenon is known as lucid dreaming. This kind of phenomenon is highly conducive for an out of body experience where the body sleeps and the mind is focused enough to take the conscious to higher planes. Moreover, near death experiences like that of a road accident or drowning also facilitates out of body sensations.

The best technique to induce out of body experiences is that of meditation. It is singularly the most effective way of gaining control on one’s subconscious mind, improve on powerful visualizations, and channeling of one’s attention and energy. Apart from meditation, modern technological interventions like binaural beats may also come in handy in inducing out of body perceptions with its different sound vibrations. These different sound waves going through each ear fuses into each other in the brain for creating a mental state that facilitates out of body experiences. It can be concluded that such incidents are extremely rare and if one is fortunate enough to experience even one, it will be an experience of a life time.

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