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Arranging Geriatric Care For Your Loved One

There is one thing in life that we all will face at one point. It is the fact that we will grow older as the days go by. We are bound to have to make plans for geriatric care for a loved one or a family friend. Our loved ones will probably have to do the same for us at one point as well.

There are a couple different choices when it comes to geriatric care. Where an elderly person lives will depend a lot on their medical condition. If they are well enough to move around their own apartment and cook for themselves but run a risk of falling or being injured then an assisted living facility may be the right choice for them.

There are emergency pull cords placed strategically throughout the apartments. If a person was to fall, they would not have to get up in order to get help. When they pull the cord the emergency personnel will be notified immediately and help will be on the way.

Once a person hits a certain medical condition, the option of cooking for themselves or living on their own may be eliminated. They may need to consider moving into a nursing home where they can get constant care for their illnesses. The nurses will be there at all times to help and will hand out all medications on a schedule.

Since they will no longer be able to cook for themselves, there is a cafeteria on site in the nursing home and all meals and snacks will be prepared for the residents. They all gather in a group room and enjoy their meals together. When they are finished they can return to their room or simply hang out with their new friends.

Not all of the residents in the nursing home are there because they are critically ill. Many times elderly people are sent to a nursing home to recover from some pretty debilitating surgeries. They could have had a hip replaced or even a knee or both knees replaced and just need nursing care to help them recover until they are able to get back to their own home.

Some of the other residents are truly ill with critical medical conditions. This will likely be the last place that they live during their lives. The nurses at the facility will be there to keep the person comfortable and happy during their final days.

There is no doubt that geriatric care will be a part of our lives at some point. A nursing home or retirement community may make things much easier on our loved ones when they are to a point that they can not be completely self reliant.

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