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Popular for showing the best beauty in every woman, pearls have been considered as the first choice of jewelry worn for many years to a wide range of events and activities.

Pearls are a true figure of elegance and class, a symbol of love and purity. They are available in complete sets including a necklace, bracelet and earrings perfect for any office or casual attire. Hence millions of woman around the globe love to wear this precious jewelry and perhaps they are one of the most unique gifts given to someone.

When shopping for pearls, it is very important to think about the essential details which will show you how to buy the best quality pearls available today. Pearls are precious gems which have different grading system, which is based on pearl luster, nacre thickness, shape, surface texture, size and color.

For a better shopping experience, here are some effective shopping tips that would greatly help you distinguish quality pearls among other pearls. Keep in mind the following qualities and compare them with the potential pearls you are considering buying.

Observe the distinctive shine on the surface of the pearls.

What you often see on the pearls surface shows the quality of the pearls you are opting to buy. The pearl luster refers to the sheen of light that reflects on the surface of the pearl. Look for highly desirable pearls which have a brilliant shine and glow on the surface. You will start to notice that low quality pearls have a dull, and milky appearance.

Do you notice the coating on the pearls surface?

Nacre thickness is considered as an important factor to choosing quality pearls. Pearl nacre is composed of layers of calcium carbonate formed by the living oyster or mussel. To ascertain that you are buying quality pearl jewelry, the pearls should have thick nacre which should be a minimum of 0.4mm. This will also make the pearl more lustrous and resilient lasting for many generations.

Observe for presence of surface blemishes or imperfections.

A smooth surface is important for every quality of pearls on sale. However, as an organic gem formed from the earths natural process, some pearls may have a few surface imperfections and these are often considered by many shoppers nearly perfect pearl surfaces.

However, extensive surface blemishes such as holes, cracks, chips or pits greatly decrease the value of the pearls.

The most favored shape of pearls are the round ones, however, round pearls are the most difficult to find and as well as the most expensive among the different pearls. Near round pearls are often preferred by most buyers, as they are more affordable. There are other shapes available which are also used to make different types of pearl jewelry such as potato, coin, stick, teardrop and the most irregular regular shape called baroque which looks very nice in pearl necklaces.

Does the color of the pearl match with your skin tone?

Pearls are available in wide range of pretty colors such as white, cream, blue, pink, yellow, gold, and black which match with different types of skin tones and complexions. To produce a much more elegant, and beautiful look, the pearls should appropriately harmonize with the wearers skin tone, and complexion.

There is no other doubt that pearls are one of the most stunning jewelry, appropriate for you and your loved ones. Always remember the specific shopping tips given here, as this will help you choose the best quality pearls found in jewelry stores.

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