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Are You Really Ready To Open And Run A Haberdashery?

Are you ready to open a haberdashery? Before even seriously considering if you are even ready to open such a business, you must first understand what a haberdasher is. A term coined ages ago, a haberdasher was once generally thought of as a merchant in small goods and wares. However, the more modern interpretation of the word includes far more than patchwork items.

While archaic, haberdashery shops still serve countless patrons. Whether if it is through the more traditional patchwork business model or the modern men’s clothing store, haberdasherys can be found all over Europe and in the more metropolitan sections of the United States.

Now, the second step in achieving your goal of becoming a haberdasher deals primarily with skill and inventory. It takes more then selling a few buttons and thimbles. You will need to be schooled in the trade of your main customers. This includes quilters, tailors, and the general needle craft hobbyist like crocheters and knitters. Can you sew? If not you should probably learn? Do you know what it takes to make a quilt? If you do not then how do you know what to stock? Is pearling for knitting or crocheting? A good haberdasher can do all these things plus more. That way they know what the best yarn is, which threads to stock, and offer advice, help, and even repairs.

As soon as you are able to recognize what the best material is you can start stocking up in your patchwork business section. Remember, it takes more than a few thimbles and yarn to turn a profit. A good haberdasher will offer a range of items, goods, and services.

Since you are not only the owner of the shop but a haberdasher yourself you can start offering other goods and services that reach beyond the spool of thread. In the United States, a haberdashery is often thought of to be a clothing store for men offering high end articles along with tailoring and general mending.

Often times it is these hybrid shops, the mixture of old traditional concepts with the updated and modern ideas, that are the most successful. The key is to build a loyal customer base. If you stock your shop with the wanted items, hats, gloves, walking sticks, coats and offer services of repair and alteration then you will keep your customers coming back.

Those loyal customers will continue to bring you their business along with telling their friends until your haberdashery is a great success. The key seems to master the art of haberdashery and be open to modern interpretations of what your shop is needed for. That way, your shop whether a modern haberdashery business or simple patchwork business will be able to weather even the bleakest of downturns, even another Dark Ages. Are you ready to open a haberdashery? You are now!

The author is the Marketing Director of a famous Haberdashery franchise. He has over ten years experience on international franchise sales and network development. His expertise in abrir merceria and abrir tienda patchwork has provided a very good recruitment training to franchisors.