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Health Rumors Associated With The E-Cig – Truth Or Rumors?

New buyers often express concern about the health aspects of using an e-cigarette. This is a good question to ask about any new product that you will be ingesting into your body in some way. The safety of electronic cigarettes has not been scientifically proven as yet. This is due to the newness of this product on the market. However, it is not difficult to believe inhaling a water vapor is much less risk to health than inhaling toxic smoke.

For generations the dangers of smoking were not known. As the habit was clearly proven to have links to cancer, heart disease and proven to be a causative factor in other serious illnesses even long term smokers now realize the dangers of inhaling toxic smoke. Smokers used to argue that tobacco was a natural product and therefore not dangerous. The changes that occur in this substance when it is burned is the root of the problem for smokers.

Sold initially as a gimmick or gag gift, electronic cigarettes have only been on the market since 2003. Rapid advances in technology and battery development has led to the gimmick becoming a viable tobacco alternative. There is no argument that there are few products sold that carry more health risk than tobacco items. That may account for the growing popularity of e-cigs.

The carcinogens created by burning tobacco leaves are not present in electronic cigarettes. There is nothing burned and no smoke produced. Some concerns expressed about health and the e-cigarette product focus on propylene glycol used to produce vapor.

The FDA approved propylene glycol many years ago as safe for inhalation and it is an ingredient in many products made today. Some will say PG is antifreeze but that is diethylene glycol and a different chemical compound. For over forty years, propylene glycol has been an approved food additive.

In time the safety of electronic cigarettes and any health factors associated with the e-cigarette will be proven scientifically. To date, no substantial health hazards have been identified. Manufacturers do not claim there are no health risk in using e-cigs but they honestly say almost anything is safer than smoking tobacco.

One risk that has been identified is with product used to refill e-cigarettes. E-solutions are manufactured without oversight or ingredient requirements. To insure quality of the e-liquid used to refill e-cigarettes, consumers are urged to buy only from reputable manufacturers who conduct ongoing testing.

If there is any health issue currently associated with e-cigarettes it is the poor quality assurance of some e-liquid producers. Cheaper imported solution have been tested and found to contain widely varied levels of nicotine and other ingredients that are questionable. This may leave a smoker dissatisfied with a low dose of nicotine ot hr msy receive a dose that is too high.

If you learn the facts about e-cigarettes your health concerns will be answered. There is no argument that inhaling vapor is safer for a smoker than to inhale toxic smoke. Although there are some risks in buying refill solutions that can be avoided by choosing a product with replaceable cartridges.

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