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Are The Following Aspects Of Nutrition Confusing You?

The entire world is gaining weight at ever accelerating rates. In fact, excess body weight is intimately linked with the top causes of death in modern, western civilizations.

To make matters even more grim, a lot of the info out there on how to eat correctly is highly inaccurate.

Thus, here are some nutritional points that you should be aware of:

1. Dietary protein is easily stored as adipose tissue: Don’t be fooled by protein’s high thermogenic effect. In fact, many people use this as a crutch to eat endless amounts of steaks. Do this and you will gain weight. In fact, your body has the necessary enzymes and pathways to store protein as fat very easily.

2. Dietary protein is not the best muscle-sparing nutrient: In reality, carbohydrates are the best nutrient for muscle-sparing. You see, without carbs your body will seek out a substitute source of energy in the form of your muscle protein.

3. Protein shakes are not superior: Just like carbohydrates, slower digestion rates are better here. Your body does best when supplied steady and slow amounts of protein. Thus, whole food will always trump protein powders here.

4. Eating carbohydrates will not slow down your fat loss: Rather, eating excess calories will. So don’t see carbs as evil, see them as powerful allies in your quest to stay healthy while losing weight. Also keep in mind that carbs play a critical role in stabilizing your mood.

5. Too much fruit is bad for you: In fact, it can be extremely bad if you have poor blood lipid profiles. You see, fruit activates the production of triglycerides and cholesterol in your liver. And if you already have high levels of either of these, limit fruit intake.

6. Fat from plants is good for you: Even saturated fat from plants is good for you. In fact, fat from coconuts is considered to be extremely healthy. So make sure you don’t neglect saturated sources of fat from the plant kingdom.

Nutrition doesn’t have to give you a mental hernia. If you listen to the experts and ignore the marketers, you will easily come out on top!

Writer Katherine Crawford, an exercise physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, teaches women how to get toned arms swiftly. Figure out how to get sexy arms by visiting her blog with shake weight reviews now!