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Apple MacBook Air (o-o, Price: £223)

A noticeable graphics boost. With a new integrated graphics processor MacBook Air changes the game and just about everything you do with it. The Nvidia GeForce 9400M provides up to an amazing 4x performance boost over the original MacBook Air.1 Photos appear in iphoto quickly. Transitions in Keynote are seamless. Games play more smoothly. And movie and video playback is better than ever before. No other ultraportable offers such amazing performance in such a slim design. The brilliance of Multi-Touch. MacBook Air includes a spacious trackpad with Multi-Touch technology. You can pinch swipe or rotate to zoom in on text advance through a photo album or adjust an image. Or try out the new four-finger swipe. With this gesture you can navigate up and down to use Expose modes or left and right to switch between applications