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Women want to and are looking younger longer these days. Even without Botox, face lifts and plastic surgery. Partly because we have more knowledge about how to take care of our skin and partly because we are using better products. But when it comes to skin care products many companies are boasting of miracle ingredients and formulas. I’m not knocking any of their claims, but lets make sure we take care of the basics; shall we?

Many products are selling themselves as wonder products these days all promising younger looking skin. It would be a wonderful world in deed if they all worked as advertised. But, we all know that many of there claims fall far short of the reality, so be very careful of the claims there making and the results being promised. Especially for the price many of them are asking.

But why spend a lot when you can get young-looking skin longer the easier, more guaranteed, more effective, and more affordable way? Here are the best anti-aging secrets that can help you stay young longer minus the effort and all the fuss.

1. Of all the things you can do to renew that youthful appearance.. diet ranks among the top. Creams lotions and gels all play a major role but none will do as much as simply choosing the right foods

Antioxidants are the disease and age-fighting compounds that Mother Nature puts in foods to help our bodies stay look and feel healthy. Top on the charts of antioxidant rich foods beans — red, black, pinto, kidney — are high-octane sources of antioxidants and therefore rich in anti-aging battle.

The best thing about relying on food sources is that you get nutrients in their most basic and most effective and beneficial form. They are not mixed with other ingredients and you can be sure that you get them all natural and safe.

2. Stay hydrated. But how much water do we need to drink each day? It is recommended that you drink 64 ounces of water a day so that your skin is always properly hydrated. Water supports the body in cleansing itself and protecting your skin. Drink lots of water, by doing so toxins get flushed out before their negative effects start to show on your skin.

You might have heard a number of skincare experts saying that drinking water for your skin would help a lot. Quite true. Water is indeed vital to beautiful skin. Water primarily stimulates the circulation of blood, fluids, and the necessary elements inside our body and by doing so supports vibrant healthy looking skin.

3. Subliminal anti-aging aid. You can also reap a lot of benefits by using subliminal aids in your anti-aging projects. Subliminal messages intended to keep aging at bay can help you build better health and well-being habits so you can help your body to stay young. The messages can also help align your inner mind to your anti-aging goals; this way, your subconscious won’t cause you to do anything that might sabotage your anti-aging efforts. This means you won’t be tempted to eat the wrong food nor will you be limited by the dreadful number called “age.” Your mind will believe that you are young and help you to stay that way.

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