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Anti Aging Make-up

A flawless face – that is what makeup aims to provide. Makeup covers up the imperfections and highlights your best assets. Makeup helps us look our utmost best. After all, it’s our face that others will first see.

But today, because of the creativity and innovations of the make up industry has raised its usefulness to a new level. Makeup can now help in the fight against aging. Botofirm, Vitamins E, Vitamin A and Retinol are just some of the ingredients infused into the makeup to give it renewed firmness and suppleness.

Foundations, powders, lipsticks and even eye shadow and blushes that are touted to be anti-aging help to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles. If you want to add to the makeup’s anti-aging ability, you can also find the kind that has a high SPF (sun protection factor) so that you prevent one other factor of aging – the sun.

Of course, there are also some things you can do to help you look younger using makeup. One, avoid layering that makeup “with a trowel”. Light and easy is the way to go. This is because overdoing it will result in a caked appearance and that will draw attention to your flaws.

Another important consideration is that your makeup should be light reflective, so that the face looks brighter and thus, younger. Also, it will be helpful to use a primer before putting on the makeup. This will protect your skin and also lightens the face. When putting on powder, try to use just the right amount. Too much powder will emphasize the wrinkles on your forehead and under-eye area.

The makeup should also have staying power. Nothing ages the skin like smudged make-up, especially the eye-liner and the mascara. The dark circles under the eyes will show and make you look older. So, when using eye-liner and mascara, use it with discretion.

Anti-aging makeup should form part of your beauty tools in your bid to stay younger-looking. But of course, you should not also forget the basics – cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

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