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Answering The Question To What The Best Tanning Bed Is On The Market

Summer days are fun and looking good in your beach clothing is a goal we all want to strive for. But we are learning how damaging the sun can be so many people are turning to tanning beds to have some color on their skin. But you may want the question and answers on what the best tanning bed on the market is.

A better question to ask is who takes care of their beds. If you use a tanning bed it may matter what brand it is but if the bed is not cared for it turns into the worst bed. Properly caring for the bed is the way to tell. If a brand is not the top of the line but it is well cared for then it becomes one of the best beds around. Learning how a bed is cared for to be in top performance is the key to making it the best bed on the market.

Cleaning: If a bed is dirty there are many issues with it. The dirt itself will block the bed from tanning. This can cause splotchy tanning that looks bad. It is also common to sweat in a bed. If a person does not clean it then the next person will be in your sweat. Exposing yourself to someone else’s sweat and dirt can expose you to all of your germs and who knows what else.

You should be in the habit to clean the bed in a commercial salon before you use it. Even if the salon says they cleaned it you should really quickly before you do. This should be standard practice to protect you from lying in other people’s germs. If a salon doesn’t let you clean it yourself, then find another salon.

Bulbs: The power of the bulbs makes a tanning bed the best as well. Many times a commercial salon will drain their bulbs and wait too long to replace them. If you are not getting brown like you think you should the bulbs may be too weak. It can also cause line tans that makes you look striped in some cases.

Do not be afraid to ask for the age of the bulbs and other questions in relations to a bed. It will not sound weird if you want to know this information. And again, if someone will not give you this information then walk out of their establishment.

Lotions: Using lotions in the bed can make the bed effective or non effective. There are special lotions that are made exclusively for tanning beds. Only use these types of products. Other products can harm your skin and also the bed as well.

Many tanning beds are on the market. Deciphering what the best one is will be determined by how it is cared for. You can get the most expensive bed and not care for it and it does not good for you or anyone else who uses it. You want to ensure you get a good bed that will not turn you orange. Research the best beds out there and then when you go to tour a tanning salon ask them what they use. Or you can go online and see what the best beds are and then search tanning salons that use them.

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