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Dangers Of Piercing Your Own Tongue

There are certainly a lot of body piercings that anyone can avail themselves of in the market today but none is as controversial as tongue piercing. Just do a simple Google search for it and you are bound to come up with thousands of results which describes it as an extremely risky procedure. There are a lot of unpleasant stories regarding it such as its effects such as infectious diseases, brain abscess, and long term nerve damage just to mention a few.

This is the reason why tongue piercings if you have noticed, is a fairly favourite subject among news stories and headlines. One mere hint of another incident that is in some way linked to it is enough to fuel seemingly endless news and headline discussions about it which in turn creates a kind of media storm among the people. These headlines and news can easily find its way to people using the convenience of media channels and people typically never gets to discover the full story regarding it because all they know is what they actually read in the headlines which often just gives a brief account regarding it.

To give you a good example, let’s say someone did indeed saw someone suffering from scar tissue build up due allegedly related to tongue piercing. At one point that same person sees a news headline saying that tongue piercing can be linked to the spread of infectious disease such as HIV. Such perceptions can eventually accumulate and ends up resulting in public opinion that undergoing tongue piercing is not worth the risk that it entails. This conclusion is often the end of the line for many people.

What most people fail to consider is the fact that while tongue piercings are indeed risky, there are certainly ways to reduce the risk when undergoing it. The risk of tongue piercings is no different from other risks and the fact that it’s actually possible to eliminate it. The most complicated risk to minimize is the one involving gums and teeth.

Dental care professionals typically advise against such procedures due to the professional experiences they had when working with several patients with damage gums and teeth that are in fairly bad condition. These things can only loosely be associated with tongue piercing and while there are certainly risks, it can be averted by proper dental care along with proper procedures and precautions.

It is true that tongue piercing has indeed its share of risk. However, it is not as much as what the media seems to depict it to be. Tongue piercing is an excellent way to express yourself uniquely and just have fun, but you need to do these things the right way if you hope to avoid any damaging results.

You may also try taking calcium pyruvate to assist your teeth become a bit stronger. As you now understand the wear and tear will affect your teeth because they are made of bone. Calcium is just another way aside from using rubber guards on piercings in and around your mouth to assist prevent problems.

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