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An Easy New Whitening Tool for your Smile!

Have you noticed the plethora of teeth whitening tubes on the market lately? As light as a lip gloss, these tiny six inch cylinders contain professional-strength whitening gel that you can wind through the cylinder and apply with the tiny brush “tip.”

This is the easy-to-use impulse purchase that pleases everyone, from teens to retirees, and the portable container makes teeth bleaching instantly available wherever you go. There must be something to the phenomena-the pens are flying off the shelves of sites like Amazon and Sephora for $25 and up, and customers are giving them very favorable reviews.

Teeth whitening pens have become one of the most popular and high volume new products from Shine. Imagine the impact of custom-labeled whitening tubes for your practice, marketing your company wherever they go. And at Shine’s volume and wholesale pricing (starting as low as $5 per pen), you can enjoy an instant source of new profit. Clients will be thrilled to buy an additional pen or two during every spa visit at the affordable retail price of just $20 per tube!

How do bleaching pens work?

Even high strength and professional teeth bleaching isn’t enough to combat coffee and tea stains. The porous nature of the tooth’s surface makes it very susceptible to staining. Anything that would stain a white blouse, from red wine to your favorite Starbucks coffee, will also be making an impact on your smile.

Nothing that can beat the results of periodic bleaching using a high-quality professional whitening gel and custom-fit trays. But for on-the-go-maintenance – or for patients who choose not to go to full professional whitening – a whitening pen can provide quick touch-ups or as much as two shades of whitening after consistent twice-daily use for a period of 7-10 days.

Clients simply brush the front surface of the 6-8 teeth that show when they smile, on the top and bottom, with a light coating of gel. Shine delivers pens filled with 1.9 ML of 33% carbamide peroxide whitening gel with a mild peppermint taste. Take special care to apply gel to the spaces between teeth, where the shade is most likely to darken, and keep the lips away from the teeth for 30 seconds to give the gel time to dry. That’s it! From the car, from the desk, or even as a person is reapplying their lip gloss, professional strength teeth whitener is a brush stroke away.

And there’s more

Bleaching pens are the ideal to brush the whitening gel evenly over the front surfaces in the whitening tray. This is an ideal step to gain the maximum amount of whitening with a minimum amount of gel and it also helps ensure even application of the whitening gel to each tooth. So for every client who purchases a Shine whitening kit, be sure to explain the value of owning at least one Shine whitening pen.

Perfect for Marketing Your Practice

For a small one time set-up fee, Shine can custom label your whitening pens? for your spa or salon. Imagine the marketing impact of a whitening pen as a client appreciation gift that includes your logo, your phone number, and a reminder that you’ve been “Making clients smile since 2003?” The fun is endless as whitening pens make an ideal and unique gift that your clients will never forget.

So what are you waiting for? Try out Shine’s new whitening pens today and you’ll be on your way to an instant and fun new source of profits in 2010.

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