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Alterations in Portland – Using a Tailor to Help Pull Your Look Together

The size that is specified on the label of almost any piece of off the rack clothing is really only a guideline. In order for any garment to truly fit properly it has to be tailored to your exact personal measurements. An expert tailor is something of a rarity these days though. Up in the Pacific Northwest Portland residents can still find a handful of tailors but not all of them have the skill level required to satisfy all your needs.

Portland offers many shopping opportunities, more than an out-of-towner might think. Both downtown Portland and the Lloyd district offer a wide variety of retail locations of all kinds but the Pearl District tends to be favored by the savvier locals. In the heart of the area, which was once rather run down and dilapidated but has been restored to its full glory, is where you will find several establishments that offer tailoring services.

The fact is that almost anyone can jot down a few measurements and do a half decent sewing job but it takes real skill to alter a piece of clothing to fit a client perfectly. Many a man has been frustrated to find that even after paying to have a garment altered it still does not hang right on his body. A poor tailor will often blame his client for the unsatisfactory outcome of the alterations, saying that he has an “unusual body”. For a professional though that is not a problem.

So then how do you get good alterations in Portland and find a tailor who has the expertise you are seeking? Try the best clothing stores in the area. To stay in business and maintain a great reputation these stores need to ensure that each one of their clients is satisfied with the way they look in the clothes they purchase there. Having a great tailor on staff is one of the ways they do that.

A good tailor is also honest. However much you love that pair of pants it may be time to say goodbye to them, as even the best tailor in the world could not alter them to fit correctly. It is better to start over with something new and flattering than try to keep squeezing into something totally unsuitable. To look your very best making that tiny extra effort to track down a great tailor is time very well spent, and the Pearl District is a great place to begin your quest.

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