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Common Falsehoods About Arm Exercises For Women

Understanding how to properly perform arm exercises for women is absolutely critical if you want to achieve sexy arm stardom. It’s very easy to hide butt, hip or leg fat. But not so easy to hide arm fat. Not to mention all the clothes you can’t wear if you have too much arm flab.

Unfortunately, most women do not know how to get toned arms and all those sexy tops they have simply remain in the closet. But there is a way, and I am going to show you the way.

Well, I was in this “situation” for the majority of my life. But I had it bad, because sexy arms eluded me even as a twenty-something. And I spent countless hours doing every single workout program and spent countless money on everything under the sun.

Please learn from my mistakes! Here are some common misconceptions about arm exercises for women that you HAVE to look out for:

1. Spot reduction is impossible. While it is true that you can’t force specific areas of your body to lose fat first, you can change how your arms look with minimal fat loss. Fat loss is only part of the equation and in some cases not necessary. The key is to firm up the muscle with very specific weight training, and to manipulate the amount of water and carbohydrate within it.

2. Push-ups are an excellent exercise for the back of the arm. Most of the push-up movement targets your chest, not your arms. Does it make sense to spend time doing an exercise that doesn’t tighten up your arms? Of course not because it’s not a good use of time! I cringe every time I hear an “expert” claiming that this is one of the best arm exercises for women.

3. Dips are excellent. Correct, dips are excellent for destroying your shoulder! Do them long enough and your AC joint (where clavicle meets acromion) will eventually wear out. This movement puts your shoulder in a very unstable position.

4. Kick-backs. These are ok if you want to momentarily fill your triceps with blood, but not ok if you want to tone your arms as quickly as possible. Because of the position your body is in when doing this exercise, it’s impossible to add a lot of weight to the movement without compromising your form. Without a lot of weight, you can’t tone your arms quickly.

Performing arm exercises for women should be an injury free process. And if done correctly, you should be able to get toned arms quickly. Hopefully, with the above tips, you can be on your way to toned arms in no time.

Writer Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former flabby arms sufferer, teaches flabby upper arm exercises. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms by visiting her blog about how to shake fat off right now!

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