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All About Hairdressing Apprenticeships – Become an Apprentice in a Salon.

Many industries offer apprenticeship programs and the Hair Profession fits into this category, which is an ideal opportunity for those aspiring to be hair stylists. The apprenticeship has many advantages. Most from a monetary point of view because it allows you to earn some money while you are learning. This helps towards your school costs, which can be costly. Another great advantage is you are gaining experience while you are learning. This makes a big difference once you graduate your program and are ready to enter the workforce on your own. You will find this to be a comfortable setting because you have already been exposed to the work environment. Chances are you will want to remain working at the location where you took your apprenticeship, but for higher pay of course.

During your apprenticeship the basic routine is that, you will work at a Salon and attend School as well. Therefore, you may work for three days and go to classes for two. To become a qualified hairdresser then you need to obtain your NVQ, which is the National Vocations Qualification. Various levels must be completed. The opportunity for apprenticeship in this program is for those ages 16 and over.

You must take your apprenticeship program seriously. It is important that you set good standard work ethics in all aspects. Not just in your technical skills but in your other skills as well such as people skills with clients, co-workers, and employers. Being punctual and not missing work is a priority as well. It goes a long way in providing an opinion of you to your prospective employer.

Working and going to school at the same time demands a very strong commitment on your part. If you are going to pursue this profession via an apprenticeship then give it some serious thought as to whether it?s what you really want or not. It is not a short program and it is going to demand endurance from you. The length of time it takes to complete your program is negotiated between you and the employer. It could take anywhere between 1-5 years and it is something you will both have to come to agreement on.

If you are still sure you would like to pursue an apprenticeship in hairdressing then call the National Apprenticeships Help line on 08000 150600. They are there able and willing to answer your questions. They will tell you what opportunities await you in your area and will advise you how to get started.

Pursue other avenues as well. Call multiple salons in your area and find out if they are offering apprenticeship programs. Sometimes even if they have never done so in the past may be willing to try it. Also, check with your College, they may have a list of Salons that offer these training programs.

Don?t forget the internet can be a very valuable source of information for you when trying to locate apprenticeship program. Make sure you research all options before you commit to your apprenticeship program to be sure you get the best one suited for you.

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