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Affordable Way Of Battling Aging

A lot of individuals believe that laying out an anti aging care is costly and too hard. With these simple practices, starting an anti aging regimen can go rather an simple feat – and trouble-free at that.

How? The fundamentals set out with these three things: A good, protein-rich diet, regular exercise, at least eight hours of sleep… and well, relaxation.

Let’s zoom in on relaxation. Reflexology, or the great art of reviving pressure points on your feet, can help reduce stress. And if you are relaxed and stress-free, you will look much, much younger. Reverse to popular thinking, there are actually means to alleviate stress at once. One of which is by applying pressure through your thumb into the solar plexus point situated right below the ball of your foot. Another hint is elevating your head when you sleep. Adding an extra pillow reduces puffiness around your eyes by draining fluids that normally pool around the eyes. To boost your anti aging eye regimen, place a cold tea bag, a refrigerated cucumber or a chilled teaspoon over your eye areas. This will assist eliminate swelling and thus cause you look fresher and more alert.

Another point to bear in mind is to get energized. Be excited and continue being lively. Anti aging has to begin from within. Sagging eyelids and yawning hardly show marks of youth. To have a smooth regular flow of vigor throughout the whole day, try ginseng. It provides a better wake-me-up than the quick jolt provided by caffeine boosts. Also, as the hand is a dead giveaway of one’s age, it is significant to cure your hands. Anti aging extends to your hands too! To regenerate them, put on a good amount of cocoa butter lotion twice a day.

Finally, move with poise, grace and elegance. Correct posture is important. Avoid slouching and limping as these will make you appear tired and old.

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