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Aesthetic Doctors Are Gearing In For A Boom In Their Field

With the recession last year, you would think people would not even bother thinking about seeing aesthetic doctors for their superficial needs. Yet, with the pressure in the job market, people feel that there is the need to look more young and attractive to be competitive. So it was that the aesthetic doctors were the one smiling in the end.

People rush to these aesthetic doctors for minimally invasive procedures which have short to no recovery time, but can make you look younger and instill confidence on your job search. Channel News Asia even reported that most of these people are men. “Aesthetic service providers said business has increased some 30 per cent despite the recession.”

The main treatments that people go for are botox and other age reducing treatments. There are a few who really go for invasive surgery, however. “Observers said people are more willing to invest in aesthetic treatments to get an edge in the job market – especially during an economic downturn.”

Some of the most common treatments these aesthetic doctors perform are: Botox and Intense Pulsed Light or IPL. Botox is the commercial name for the purified, diluted form of botulinum toxin, which is produced by bacteria. It is injected into muscles underneath the skin to paralyse them, creating the effect of reduced wrinkles caused by excessive, repeated movement of these muscles. It is also used to stop excessive sweating in areas including the hand, foot and armpits. To slim the face and make it look more contoured, Botox can be injected into the muscles along the jaw.

IPL on the other hand, “is a treatment where an intense flash of light is emitted onto the skin. The light penetrates through to the inner layers where collagen which is a natural, fibrous protein that keeps skin smooth – is located and stimulates its growth.” It can remove freckles, sun spots and hair. It has become quite popular treatment in Singapore.

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