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Added Value For Your Business With Wholesale Jewelry And Handbags

What is wholesaling? This is the sale of goods limited to institutions, companies, or other businesses but never to the consumer. This type of business is sometimes called a distributor. Wholesale jewelry and handbags falls into this category.

A distributor or wholesaler will make contact with manufacturing companies. They make an arrangement to be authorized to sell the manufacturers products. By doing this, the manufacturer doesn’t have to find ways to sell to consumers directly. Many manufacturers do this if what they are making is a consumer product. Retail stores have to go through a distributor to purchase their items.

Wholesale jewelry and handbags can be found in your local retail shop either in town or at the nearby mall. A distributor or wholesale company usually are authorized to resell numerous manufacturers products. Some items such as jewelry and handbags are goods that could be made by either a large company or even just a small shop.

Since the wholesaler has made deals with many manufacturers to handle their products the distributor will carry a huge variety of goods. By having such a selection, they boost their sales by giving the stores more to purchase. By visiting more distributors stores that specialize in certain styles or types of goods have the opportunity to find what they are looking for and offer a selection to their customers.

In addition to wholesale jewelry and handbags the distributor usually carries other items that would be of interest to retail companies. Some of these lines include hats, scarves, belts and other accessories. With these additional items in their inventory they have a good chance of selling more product to stores and other companies.

Many wholesale companies will also ship items that are ordered to the consumer as an extra service for their customers which is very attractive to small stores. This practice is called drop shipping and has become very popular especially with the rise in internet shops selling products to people all over the world.

If the internet shops utilize this service from the wholesale companies it eliminates the need for them to take possession of the products and have to reship them to the customer. Wholesale jewelry and handbags would not take up a great deal of room at the customers facility but some items that they purchase would. With this great service, companies can keep down the cost of their overhead by not having to rent space in which to store products that they resell.

These wholesale companies offer a great service to the stores. If the stores had to go to different manufacturers to purchase these items to resell most of the retail outlets would not have a great variety of goods to sell. Just finding the manufacturers, negotiating deals with them and then having to purchase and take possession of the items would take a great deal of time, energy and money. The more variety and range of prices that a store can offer to the public, the more profit they will be able to realize in sales.

Get great deals on wholesale jewelry when you shop online. There are also wholesale handbags that you will be able to find at good prices. Head online today and begin looking.