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A Successful Makeover For Cole Hahn

Cole Hahn (Cole Haan) is a leather goods and apparel manufacturing company that was formed in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan. First selling men’s footwear then extending into the manufacture of casual clothes, jackets, and coats for men, women, and children, small leather products like briefcases, luggage, and hand wear, and fashion accessories, mainly headgear and eyewear, the company has earned a outstanding reputation for producing superior goods.

After a difficult period in the 1990s, Nike purchased the company in 1998 at the tune of $80 million and expanded the company by licensing the major fashion apparel company G-III to produce selected leather and fabric over clothing for Cole Hahn. Their goods can be found the world over at high-end department stores and in selected retailers. Despite its heavy use of animal material, the company announced in 2008 that it would not use fur in any of its apparel or any other product. The company has also recently been repositioning itself and its newest endorser, Russian grand-slam champ Maria Sharapova, signalled the start of that campaign in 2009.

Artisanship is still at the fore of each product that leaves their factory and in an era of mechanization, Cole Hahn shows its dedication by requiring only one person to make a pair of shoes from start to finish. This commitment to the craft warrants the continuity of this extraordinary brand.

Currently positioned as a lifestyle company that sells “Modern Artisan” products, Gen Xers will still make them the first choice among all other products available. The fact that they are producing things that Suit every aspect of their target market’s lives (seamlessly blends their classic vibe with the latest designs in the highest quality possible) appeals to the affluent 30-something.

The new and improved brand will definitely be the favourite of this new generation, and the one after that. They’ve definitely struck a chord with their customers just by being Modern Artisans.

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