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A Guide To Natural Skin Care Products

Some people pin their hopes for good-looking skin on natural skin care products, because they are worried about what synthetic commercial cosmetic products will do to their skin. There are more safeguards for the public now than ever before with government regulations and public watchdogs, however, there are still a number of products coming on to the market every year that are harmful to skin.

Therefore, you cannot depend on the hype, the label on the front or anyone else – it is all down to you to do your own investigation. You can do this exploration by checking each of the chemicals on the label on the rear of the pot by looking them up on the Internet.

In deed the situation has gotten so bad hat the National Institute of Occupational Safety And Health found almost nine hundred toxic chemicals in commercial cosmetic products and the Cancer Coalition announced that commercial cosmetic and personal care products present a higher threat of cancer than nicotine and cigarettes.

If you use these toxic substances on your skin, there is a good chance that they will be absorbed into your body, where they will be disseminated through all your major bodily organs. Nobody knows precisely what consequences this can have on your long term health.

Once the toxins are in your bloodstream, your body will have to work much harder than normal in an effort to get rid of them. Most of this clean up work falls to the liver, but it can only do so much before health problems set in. The liver is a key part of the body’s immune system and should be looked after, because liver problems can result in major health issues with the auto-immune system, which in turn can result in asthma, infections, and allergies.

Therefore, it would seem that if you are seeking to avoid any possible problems, you would be better off using only natural skin care products. However, you cannot rest on your laurels just because the tub carries the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. Again, it is your duty to research the ingredients of the natural skin care products that you buy or you can make your own.

Making your own natural skin care products is not as difficult as it may at first appear to be. There are thousands of skin care recipes on the Internet and in the library, but here are a few thoughts to get you started.

You can exfoliate with olive oil mixed with crushed oatmeal, brown sugar or baking soda. Exfoliating three or four times per week will keep your skin looking great. Other things that you can use in your home mixes are: olive oil, bananas, avocado, honey and egg whites.

Making your own natural skin care products is the only, I stress, the only, way to make certain that you are getting 100% natural skin care products, because even those that say on the label that they are 100% natural skin care products will probably contain synthetic, chemical preservatives, dyes and fragrances.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on many subjects, but is currently involved with natural skin cream. If you are interested in Natural Face Products, please go to our web site now.