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A Complete List Of Fashion Trends Men Hate On Ladies

1. BUG EYE SUNGLASSES: The reality is, the male population views eyes as one of many attractive features on a girl. One man quotes, “those massive bug-eyed shades cover the full face, I need to see those beautiful eyes. ” It’s about time we toss away the bug glasses because they are not shielding us from anything apart from potential dates.

2. TACKY FAKE DESIGNER BAGS: Guess what, ladies? Men are judging your purse just as cruelly as other ladies. I was dazzled by how many guys ( yes, they’re straight and macho ) can really spot a designer knockoff vs. a real designer bag. Yes, everyone knows our favorite designers are expensive, but when you shop for your bag in somebody’s cellar or on blanket on a street corner, probabilities are you are going home with a bag that screams tacky. The phrase, “you get what you pay for ” hasn’t ever been more acceptable in this situation.

3. FLATS, PARTICULARLY BALLERINA FLATS: I vividly remember a male pal of mine always making reference to flats as “grandma shoes”, and another male colleague venting about how much he despises them because they look like little girl shoes. I believe by this point, in 2010, its reasonable to say that men like us women in heels because they make our legs look great.

4. TALL GLADIATOR SANDALS, aka “JESUS SANDALS”: I’m 100% on the same page as the men on this one. This is one fashion trend that I can not even understand. Somebody please let me know what’s interesting about a gladiator-bondage-boot-looking sandal? Honestly , seeing girls wear these in public is totally horrifying to me, and I’m hoping this trend becomes buried extremely fast.

5. UGGS TUCKED INTO SWEATPANTS: We hear this all of the time, we keep doing it, and it has to stop right away because shockingly (or not), this is the number one least-sexy fashion trend voiced by men. I concur that my Ugg Boots are super comfortable, and I’m nearly inseparable from them in the colder months, but if you’re going to go out in public, don’t, by any means, tuck sweatpants into these.

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