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A Brief Introduction – How To Astral Project

The question ‘how to astral project’ is a vital one in the recent days when astral projection is being much researched about and taken an interest in. Astral projection basically refers to the projection of your astral self from your physical body to the higher ethereal realms of astral planes.

The first suggestion on how to astral project is making meditation a part of life. Daily meditation helps in improved concentration power and developed awareness of one’s sub conscious mind. It helps an individual to be aware of his inner self, what his sub conscious is capable of, the energy flowing in him and his true potential, all of which are the basis on which astral projection takes place.

Attaining a condition of deep trance with heightened visualization is something fundamental in answering how to astral project. During a trance state, all peripheral stimuli fail to affect a person and his mind is completely focused on a single aspect. Attaining such a state, having a vision of yourself floating out, climbing out or even being pulled out from your body and concentrating on this visualization, directing and channeling all your attention and energy on it, shutting out everything else is the way to astral project.

Another suggestion on how to astral project would be the technique of the Body of light. In this case, you need to visualize an illuminating body of light in any shape or form whatsoever. Think of it in front of you and gain a strong image. Once this is done, visualize it strongly and feel yourself traveling to and becoming one with that body of light. Too much force can pull you back or make you wake up absolutely, but just believe that you will be able to do it and thereafter channelize all your energy into that vision.

Another point to be stated regarding how to astral project is that of verbal affirmations. Whenever you feel yourself to be loosing grip, or being unable to make the change that you so desperately seek or may be coming out of your trance, use the tool of verbal affirmations to put things rights. Saying it out aloud like ‘I can fly’ or ‘I can walk out and reach the body of light’ etc will facilitate in setting things right and attain what you so desire.

Another point to be noted in case of Astral Projection is that if you by chance continuously go on assessing yourself and your performance, then all your attempts will surely fail. Thus, thinking about how you are doing it or whether it is working or not can be the primary cause of failure. Have true belief in yourself that you can do it and concentrate and focus your mind on the journey and not the assessment of the same.

A discussion about how to astral project can never be complete without talking about what one would actually experience if he’s successful and the hindrances thereof. The only hindrances that you need to keep in mind once you have been successful in breaking the shackles is not to let even the slightest of apprehensions enter your mind. Usually, when people travel a bit far away from their physical body, fear about the ability to return back creeps in, resulting in a sudden sucking back of the astral self into the body again.

Lastly it may be said that making meditation a part of life and a true belief in yourself results in a successful astral projection, something that is an experience of a life time that only a handful of few rare and gifted people in this world have the chance to come across. It is a life changing event which will forever change the way you look at life and relationships for the better.

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